PhD Defences IN 2019

1 Evaluation of intermittent preventive treatment during pregnancy (IPTp) in Chókwè district, Southern Mozambique: coverage and effect on pregnancy and parasitological outcomes
Arnaldo, P., Rosanas-Urgell, A., Kestens, L. & Enosse, S. M. M.
1/12/13 → 10/12/19 

2 Micro-contexts of malaria risk in pre-elimination settings
Bannister-Tyrrell, M. K., Buvé, A., Boele van Hensbroek, M. & Bassat, Q.
29/04/15 → 18/11/19 

3 How to optimise the involvement of qualified private practioners in Tuberculosis care and control in India: An analysis of Public Private Mix – DOTS in India
Holalkere Yellappa, V., Van der Stuyft, P., Criel, B. & Devadasan, N.
1/12/12 → 11/11/19 

4 Use of fluorescen diacetate vital staining for the early detection of rifampicin resistance in tuberculosis patients in Mali
Diarra, B., de Jong, B., L. Murphy, R. & Diallo, S.
1/02/15 → 8/10/19 

5 Implications of the population structure of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Benin for tuberculosis presentation, diagnosis and outcome
Sanoussi, C. N., de Jong, B., Rigouts, L. & Affolabi, D.
1/09/15 → 7/10/19 

6 Cell-associated HIV-RNA as a superior marker of treatment success or failure
Pannus, P., Vanham, G., Fransen, C. & Vandekerckhove, L.
29/04/15 → 19/09/19 

7 Perception of neglected zoonotic diseases among livestock owners in Africa: the One Health approach
Thys, S., Boelaert, M., Dorny, P., Dorny, P. & Gabriël, S.
14/10/15 → 11/09/19 

8 Comment revoir les fonctions du ministère de la santé marocain dans une direction d’organisation apprenante pour réussir la mise en place de la couverture universelle en santé?
Akhnif, E. H., Meessen, B., Macq, J. & Fakherddine Moulay, I.
1/05/14 → 10/07/19 

9 Toxocara diagnosis and epidemiology
Morales Yanez, F. J., Polman, K. & Muyldermans, S.
15/01/16 → 5/07/19 

10 Strategies for Improving Differential Diagnosis and Providing Biomarkers for Visceral Leishmaniasis
Hinckel B., Dujardin J.C. & Van Ostade X.
→ 28/06/19

11 Access to Care to Leishmaniasis Treatment in Africa
Sunyoto, T., Boelaert, M., Picado De Puig, A. & Potet, J.
15/01/16 → 25/06/19 

12 The clinical management of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in India
Burza, S., Boelaert, M. & Van Geertruyden, J.
22/01/15 → 11/06/19 

13 Study of the dynamics, phenotype and role of regulatory T cells during HIV subtype C early Infecton and during prime-boost vaccination with HIVIS-DNA
Matavele Chissumba, R., Kestens, L. & Jani, I. V.
1/12/13 → 8/05/19 

14 Estimation of the risk of developing resistance to anti-leishmanial drugs
Hefnawy, A. E., Dujardin, J. & Valkenborg, D.
15/01/16 → 11/04/19 

15 Functional characterization of Leishmania braziliensis throughout in vitro biological cycle: the quest for a quiescent stage among amastigotes
Jara Portocarrero, M., Dujardin, J., Arevalo, J. & Cos, P.
1/01/15 → 27/03/19 

16 The public health impact of congenital toxoplasmosis and cytomegalovirus infection in Belgium
Smit, S., Dorny, P. & Dorny, P.
1/01/15 → 21/03/19 

17 Epidemiology of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in the Kilombero river valley, Tanzania
Sumaye, R., Berkvens, D., Thiry, E. & Geubbels, E.
1/06/10 → 19/02/19 

18 New tools for diagnosis and management of febrile illness in travelers to the tropics: a cohort study
Huits, R., Bottieau, E., Jacobs, J., Van Esbroeck, M. & Cnops, L.
15/01/16 → 1/02/19 

19 Salmonella Paratyphi A: The emergence of a neglected pathogen in Asia
Kuijpers, L. M. F., Jacobs, J. & Jacobs, J.
22/01/15 → 11/01/19

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